The Gradient Transition Review

Let's take a look on the gradient shirts in TRANSITION collection. Now this shirts are very colorful though with geometric design but still win on that gradient colors. There are Aiming High, A New Hope, Playing With Fire, In The Mood For Love, Sparks, Feeling Blue, and Mixed Feelings.

If you've been to our Brightspot event booth then you may recognize these shirts and you can't miss them.

The Gradient shirt designs are based on typical form of color transitions such as the rising sun, sunset, beaches, bonfire, etc. there are also a geometric technicolor design. There are Labyrinthe En Technicolor Green, Labyrinthe En Technicolor Blue, Bonjour En Technicolor, Gèomètrie En Technicolor Noir, Gèomètrie En Technicolor, and Bonjour Merci Paris.

Not to mention that we also have the all new Contour exclusively on Transition collections edition it is called the Bleu Monotone and Beaucoup de Visages mixed with the gradient transition colors.

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