The Contour 2019 Series Review

This year we're bringing the anniversary of the contour series and now with 9 shirts with the combined colorful colors on each shirts also the name on every shirts is based on the great artist of old century. So here's the breakdown of every shirts details and looks


1. Contour Kahlo

Kahlo Contour shirt, the materials is satin bridal a premium material straight from the factory, inspired by the great artist Picasso himself with all sizes on perfect fit which can be use in any occasion or daily casual activities but perfect in any way with the combined colours (Orange, ocean blue, olive green, dark, purple) and the art itself.

2. Contour Renoir

Contour Renoir Shirt

The second is the Renoir shirt the materials are just the same as the Kahlo shirt it’s satin bridal the difference is the design and the style matchmaker. Also inspired by the great artist Picasso, the sizes are also the same perfect fit and can be use on every daily activities of the wearer or an occasion. The bright design colours could match the mood of the wearer

3. Contour Michelangelo

Contour Michelangelo Shirt

And this one an all red contour shirt the Michelangelo, now tenue it’s not just for men but woman can also wear this shirt because this shirt represents the feminine side. The shirt still uses satin bridal a premium material same as before and the red wine color matching with the pink makes look pretty gorgeous especially if a woman wears it.

4. Contour Van Gogh

Contour Van Gogh Shirt

The difference of this shirt is the opposite of the Michelangelo shirt because this shirts colour is all blue. The Van Gogh blue shirt and the Michelangelo red shirt are the one colored contour shirt with the same contour pattern design with the moody looks, but that depends on the wearer mood. This shirt can be used for daily activities on a casual day or some occasions.

5. Contour Boticelli

Contour Boticelli Shirt

The Boticelli shirt is the neutral looking contour shirt with neutral rainbow colour combinations for an unique styler this is the right pick. Still uses the same premium material satin bridal pretty comfort to wear when you’re having a chill vibes, the patterns also same design.

6. Contour Mondrian

Contour Mondrian Shirt

When the night comes this Mondrian shirt could come in handy for night activities like dinner, hangout, etc. always the premium material in use for comfort also the colour black, red, yellow, and blue combined together pretty matching.

7. Contour Rothko

Contour Rothko Shirt

For this contour if you ever feel like that summer vibe holidays this is the right contour shirt for you to pick, and with an eccentric colour this shirt could catch many attention around you. With a comfortable premium material satin bridal and a perfect fit with all sizes this contour might be the coolest one yet.

8. Contour Klee

Contour Klee Shirt

This one is very similar with the old contour collection but now with an eccentric color and different design patterns also the style could match with any theme of outfit. Still the same premium material satin bridal comfort in any way and the perfect fit of all sizes.

9. Contour Picasso

Contour Picasso Shirt

The signature contour series inspired by the great artist Picasso this contour shirt is the masterpiece of tenue de attire this year’s contour collection, the designer made this piece of art shirt to be his best design than before, combined colors and a premium comfort material satin bridal with a perfect fit all sizes. To those who love arts this shirt it’s a must for collection or daily outfit.

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