Flower For The Future

On the 16th - 20th November we launched a new collaboration collection with the artist Abenk Alter and we also open an exhibit of Abenk Alter's art collection along with the all new shirt collection we sell.

We found an empty space that we can use for the exhibit and the name of the place is Aksara and it's located at Kemang, South Jakarta it's not that big but it'll do just fine. On the first day we give every Abenk Alter's shirt collection for the VIP customers with an invitation note.

We have everything on our pop store to lighten the mood so we added a live music and a vinyl set for our food and beverage we have a animo donuts and kalyan coffee's.

The art exhibition we have like 4 arts display and one of them we can interact with and it is the "Hope For Dreams" it's like a wishlist so we write our wish for tomorrow and hope for somehow it happens. The rest is the paintings of Abenk Alter's newest art this year.

For our newest shirt collection we did not just add shirts we added short pants also with the same design from the shirts, so we have 4 shirts and 4 short pants and we launched them from that 5 days on our pop store and exhibit. 

Thanks to the artist Abenk Alter we can make this happen and most of our customers are the fans of Abenk Alter's work of art, and if you wondering that are we going to sell this collections online? the answer is yes we are, so go visit our website and subscribe for more 


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