Tenue At LOL. Fest? Why Not?

Bonjour, people of Yogyakarta city we are in town for three days at LOL (Land Of Leisures) market festival on 11th-13th october, and we're bringing all of our collections including the new Contour series even the Hari Merdeka shirt too.

Since this is our first time selling at Yogyakarta city we're bringing all of our products out to sell in this town, and thanks to our customers that went by to our booth and it was worth it especially when we put a discount on all of our product

People there are too excited to get the new Contour series collection, because to them it is very popular and it's cheap also because of the discount and some are also attracted to the Minuit coat. 

They always asked about this brand of ours its origin, made of, the materials, etc customers often see this on instagram ads all the time whether on feeds or stories.

The most sold out item is the Homme Libre shirts.


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