Take A Stroll With Tenue

Tenue De Attire this week we're having a stroll through the north side of Jakarta city, to Petak Sembilan exploring some undiscovered spots around the place on every corner of it, and of course we wear our famous contour and transition shirts.


Walking through the market all the way along the path to find something unique such as various culinary snacks. Not to mention the shirts are very eye catching in the marketplace.


Eventually we found a place for having a snack and a little bit of coffee, we found a delicious tasty cakwe and a fresh iced coffee gayo. It was worth all the penny in our wallet to spent for the little tasty things.


We continued to our next stop and that is the small buddha temple, it is right after the market we just stroll through. So, we stop by to look around inside the temple wandered around to take a closer look to the buddhism relics, it is also the oldest buddha temple here it was around 100 years. And the transition that fits right around the environment to lighten the mood up.

The last thing we did by drinking a warm cup of tea in Pantjoran Tea House and we do enjoyed our stroll together with the team.

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