Toyobo & Veste Transition Review

Now we still have the Toyobo shirts and the Veste jackets on Transition collections, let's take a look on the items

The Toyobo shirts are basic plain shirt with a comfortable materials, we made two type of Toyobo shirts there are short sleeves and the long sleeves. For the short sleeve shirt it's suitable for relaxing day perhaps a non formal activities. As for the long sleeve it can be use for working days or formal activities. 

We design a neutral colors for the Toyobo shirts on short sleeve and long sleeve such as, maroon, blue, black, mustard, grey, sky blue, brown, turquoise, green olive, and navy.

This is Veste, we have like five Veste jacket models on our Transition collection with a combined color design patterns. The jackets combined together with the gradient shirt could be a perfect match to wear as an outfit or to stroll around the block. 

For the colors on the jackets are mostly neutral mix colors such as green navy, yellow navy, blue cream, green cream, and purple yellow. So it's your choice whether you wear it to impress or simplewear.

And that's it for the whole collection items, would you like to know more? go visit our website now and don't forget to buy 


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