Tenue de attire's Hari Merdeka 2019 Design Comparisons

Every year Tenue de attire release a shirt for Indonesia's independence day, the designer behind the shirt collection is Hari Prast himself and his designs was a masterpiece we asked him to collaborate with us, because we needed some art to represent the history of our heroes and legends of old to remember them also. Now let's see and compare the results on his shirts design this year and last year we'll breakdown the shirt collections from every bit from his designs.

La Culture & Homme Libre

We named the collections " L'INDÉPENDANCE INDONÉSIENNE " this year we  made many shirts, the shirt is named Homme Libre for other three are named La Culture, Le Folklore, and La Démocratie

Now Homme Libre it's just a teaser for the 17th of August edition we are already designing others and they are Culinary Edition, Pancasila Edition, Tourism Edition we will have many designs from those upcoming editions.

Homme Libre & La Culture

Hari Prast always knows how to create better designs to make customers feel extraordinary than ever, so we asked him to make something rare something unpredictable from each details on every shirt spots. By doing that let's see the design patterns on Homme Libre and La Culture 

La Culture

The La Culture shirt is based by the ancient history of Indonesian culture such as the dancing, the rituals, the traditional village, etc. on the middle is the symbol of our nation The Garuda represents the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika our nations motto. To remind us the historical culture that we had since the beginning of age

Homme Libre

For the Homme Libre shirt the designs symbolizes the first president of Indonesia Ir. Soekarno and other iconic heroes who establish freedom of our country on 17th august 1945. This shirt is the special one for celebrating our Independence day, Hari Prast made this with every piece of art combine with the nation's pride.

Homme Libre

The artist Hari Prast proudly collaborate with us, because his work of art is relentless and flawless with no struggle at all including with the help of our best designers to achieve every things possible 
The upcoming collections are still in process and the designing are still on progress, but we will always update the news on our website and on social media as well. Subscribe now on our website and get a voucher discount on every shirt collections including the Hari Merdeka collections


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