Shirt Sneaker Power at USS

On the 8th-10th November Tenue de Attire opens a booth at USS (Urban Sneaker Society) event we sell the newest collection and that is Transition the gradients, toyobos, including vestes. 

On those three days many customers went by to our booth as they look around our products asking about it. We served them very well and the customers are very interested on the gradient shirts and the veste jackets.

Mostly they were very interested with the color gradient shirt especially the contour  Transition edition shirt. Veste are also among the most viewed items.


Although the event was about sneakers we wanted to try the shirt and the sneakers combined together we believe it would bring attention for the outfit style especially the colorful Transition collection.

Most of all we are very proud to attend and open a booth at USS (Urban Sneakers Society) event, but don't worry we're still selling our collections on our website online

Go check it out and don't forget to buy





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