Tenue De Attire Launched "TRANSITION" At Brightspot Market

On 3rd to 6th october, Tenue De Attire opened a booth at Brightspot Market located at District 8 SCBD. The crowd were packed and our sales skyrocketed!

A lot of our online customers went by to our booth, as they were attracted by our ads on social media apparently they loved hanging out at our booth.

we brought the new contour series, the most wanted collection by far and our original design masterpieces. Each shirt costs of Rp469.000 each.

One our best selling shirt in our new contour collection, picasso, got sold out online, yet a lot of people still asking about it. The rest of our shirts were chased as they're afraid to miss it.

As you can see from the image above one of the customer seemed very interested to buy the Boticelli shirt, along with Renoir, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Kahlo, and Klee shirts.

Lots of our customers are satisfied by the results of their expectations from the ads and they were happy with the shirts, they put it on as an outer or as a shirt. 

But the true stars of our booth were Transition collection. They were launched for brightspot only, and we don't sell it on website or anywhere else. 

So congrats for you who've purchased the special collection, and for you who haven't, stay tuned on our social media & newsletter! 

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